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Every quarter IG Living will hold a podcast on a topic that affects those with autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders. Industry experts will share the latest immune globulin (IG) news and information and answer questions from our community.

Podcasts will cover topics like the increased demand for IG products, Medicare, IG side effects, and reimbursement. more info

Listen to the episode The Increased Demand for Immune Globulin Products and Its Effects on Patient Access.

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Let's Talk: Ella Casano

Ella Casano was diagnosed with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) when she was 7 years old. ITP is an autoimmune disease that causes the body to destroy its own platelets, putting patients at risk for bleeding or injury. Ella's diagnosis requires her to receive intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) infusions every eight weeks, a prospect that was initially daunting for a young child. But, in a classic "turn-lemons-into-lemonade" scenario, her childhood fear of the IV bag became the inspiration for an invention that is now bringing comfort to children around the country...
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Product Guide: When Apprehension Interferes with Infusions

Product Guide

The Ins and Outs of Port Maintenance

For patients with chronic conditions requiring treatment with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG), needles and in-office infusions are often a part of the monthly calendar. But for some patients — whether they have difficult-to-access veins, need long-term venous access or just don't want to deal with the inconvenience of constant needle sticks — implanted infusion ports are a possible option... full article (pdf)

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Ask the Experts

Reader: What do I do if I am told my brand of IVIG is unavailable due to the nationwide shortage?

Abbie: If you are a patient who has been told future treatments with your brand of IVIG will not be possible, here are some steps you can take...
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