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Every quarter IG Living will hold a podcast on a topic that affects those with autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders. Industry experts will share the latest immune globulin (IG) news and information and answer questions from our community.

Podcasts will cover topics like the increased demand for IG products, Medicare, IG side effects, and reimbursement. more info

Listen to the episode The Increased Demand for Immune Globulin Products and Its Effects on Patient Access.

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Let's Talk: Lauren Dunlap

Lauren Dunlap has a passion for advocacy and helping others. The Charlotte, N.C., resident was diagnosed with primary immunodefi ciency disease (PI) in 2010, and since then has spent much of her time volunteering and advocating for patients both locally and nationally. In 2017, Lauren took her advocacy work a step further and partnered with her immunologist Maeve O'Connor to found the Advocacy & Awareness for Immune Disorders Association (AAIDA), a thriving 501(c)(3) that supports patients with all types of immune dysregulation disorders… full article (pdf)

Product Guide: Personalizing the Infusion Experience

Product Guide

Download Your Way to Health

Take these meds four times a day and this one twice. Monitor your blood pressure. Check your glucose levels after every meal. Sounds like quite the to-do list, right? For the more than 133 million Americans living with a chronic condition, this is their reality. Yet, for many of these individuals, adding these complicated daily regimens to an already bursting schedule is a recipe for failure. And when patients fail to take medications on time, fail to stick to a specific diet or slip back into old habits, they often end up back in the emergency room… full article (pdf)

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Ask the Experts

Reader: Can immune globulin infusions result in a false-positive test for herpes simplex virus?

Abbie: I spoke with Roger Kobayashi, MD, an allergy and immunology specialist in Omaha, Neb., regarding your question, and he said yes, intravenous IG (IVIG) and subcutaneous IG infusions are high in anti-HSV antibodies (i.e., passive antibodies). IVIG has very high titers against HSV-1, but less so against HSV-2 because virtually everyone has been infected with… full article (pdf)

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