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I STILL HAVE memories that flash through my mind of when my body moved effortlessly — almost like it was yesterday. When I was a young girl, I’d slide down into the splits and do cartwheels across the lawn.... more

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Gut Reactions

GI Problems are common maladies for PI patients. While a cure is not available, symptom relief is possible. - THE EVENING WAS magical: a superb meal and engaging conversation, followed by the opening-weekend screening of the latest blockbuster.... more

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Reader: Why can IG replacement therapy result in aseptic meningitis?

Abbie: According to the literature, certain conditions have a higher potential to affect the central nervous system and, unfortunately, primary immunodeficiency disease (PI) is one of them, which can result in meningitis. So, even though it’s rare, there is a slightly higher chance of aseptic meningitis in people with... more

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