When You Make Plans, the Universe Laughs

JUST SAYING “WHEN you make plans, the universe laughs” puts a smirk on my face. Why? It’s true! Although I have a feeling I’m not laughing... more

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Selecting SCIG Pumps and Needle Sets

Whether you are a primary immunodeficiency patient new to subcutaneous immune globulin (SCIG) infusions or have been managing your own treatment for years... more

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Reader: Can you explain the difference between Guillain Barre’ Syndrome (GBS) and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). How do doctors tell the difference?

Michelle: GBS and CIDP are essentially the same condition, but GBS is acute and CIDP is chronic. As such, the symptoms of GBS occur over a period of days and weeks, and in CIDP, they occur over a period of greater than two months.... more

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