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Posted on 18. April 2019

Your Medicare Rights and Protections

Greg Dill, a Medicare regional administrator, explains how Medicare’s Ombudsman can assist people with resolving issues surrounding their coverage. [More]
Posted on 4. April 2019

Preventive Healthcare Can Help You Stay Healthy

Greg Dill, a Medicare regional administrator, explains to readers how Medicare can help them stay healthy. [More]
Posted on 21. March 2019

Free App Shows What Medicare Covers

Medicare Regional Administrator Greg Dill explains how people can find out their coverage choices and out-of-pocket expenses through their mobile devices on a new app called the What’s Covered app. [More]
Posted on 7. March 2019

How to Equip Your Home for Aging in Place

Beverly Nelson, the creator of Stand Up For Caregivers, explains how to equip the home for aging in place. [More]
Posted on 21. February 2019

What’s In the Glass?

William Hindin, a primary immunodeficiency patient, explains how patients can put their illness into perspective. [More]
Posted on 7. February 2019

Keep Your Medicare Costs Down

Greg Dill, a Medicare regional administrator, explains how patients can save money by using healthcare providers that participate in Medicare. [More]
Posted on 17. January 2019

Is My Food Safe?

Abbie Cornett, IG Living’s patient advocate, explains how the government shutdown may affect food safety. [More]
Posted on 3. January 2019

The Resolution

Patient advocate Abbie Cornett explains her New Year’s resolution to acknowledge her achievements. [More]