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Posted on 1. October 2015

PANDAS/PANS Awareness Week

IG Living and I Give for Kids are supporting the national PANDAS/PANS Network Awareness Day on October 9. PANDAS/PANS is a devastating childhood disease with profound symptoms that can be devastating for families [More]
Posted on 26. June 2014

A Call for Open Access to Medical Journals

Rare disease patients and advocates are well-known for being astute investigators. Gaining access to medical journals could provide them with information and insights to assist in treatment plans and improve quality of life. [More]
Posted on 13. March 2014


Many use the spoon theory to describe life with chronic illness. This blogger compares chronic illness to a treacherous walk near a plunging abyss – shrouded in fog. [More]
Posted on 3. October 2013

Update: Disneyland No Longer Issuing Disabled Passes

As the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.” And this time, that saying rings true for the Disneyland disabled pass. Sadly, it is no longer. What’s your take on this controversy? [More]
Posted on 18. October 2012

Confronting Chronic Rudeness

Have you ever been treated rudely because of your illness? Did you turn the other cheek or confront the offender? This blogger encounters mockery in a public place then second guess how she handles it. [More]
Posted on 16. August 2012

Do the Consumer Protections Under Healthcare Reform Apply to You?

The Affordable Care Act provides significant benefits for the chronically ill — such as providing high-risk pools for those with pre-existing medical conditions, eliminating lifetime limits and prohibiting insurers from rescinding coverage. But did you know there is a loophole that could impact your benefits? [More]
Posted on 5. July 2012

From Teacher to Advocate

Meet Annaben Kazemi, IG Living’s new Patient Advocate. Annaben is a former teacher who brings a wealth of insight and personal experience to our team. Send her your questions – she’s ready to meet and interact with our IG Living readers! [More]
Posted on 26. April 2012

Treated or Mistreated? The Uncertainty of Treatment

Uncertainty is a scary thing — especially when it’s uncertainty about the future. As our readers well know, an illness or injury has the capacity to evoke horrible thoughts of living a life unlike the one that is truly enjoyed and loved. [More]