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Posted on 2. January 2014

Our Friends, Our Village

In a time when stories of mean kids and cyber bullying seem to dominate the headlines, this blogger shares a heartwarming story of kindness and inclusion that will renew your hope in our next generation. [More]
Posted on 26. December 2013

Resolution Reality Check

With the holidays just about over, most people will likely be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. For those with chronic illness, a resolution realty check is a good idea. [More]
Posted on 19. December 2013

Grateful to be Grateful

Part of chronic illness is dealing with loss, and sometimes it is difficult to be grateful. This time of year especially, choosing to be thankful can make all the difference. [More]
Posted on 12. December 2013

Ten Strategies for an Illness Free Holiday

Everyone risks burn out during the hectic, party-filled holiday season. But for families with chronic illness, even the most simple tasks can result in exhaustion, cancelled plans, and frustration [More]
Posted on 5. December 2013

Friendship: The Best Thing in Life

Sometimes challenging situations show us who our real friends are. It’s wonderful when a challenge like chronic illness brings out the best in those closest to us. [More]
Posted on 21. November 2013

Lightning Can Strike Twice ... or More Often

When something life-altering like a chronic illness diagnosis happens, it’s tempting to think bad fortune will pass you by the next time around. This blogger learns that there are no guarantees when it comes to the lightning strikes of chronic disease. [More]
Posted on 14. November 2013

There Is No Normal

Living with chronic illness does not feel “normal.” This week’s blogger challenges the idea that there is even such a thing as “normal”, and suggests that what is needed is a change in perspective. [More]
Posted on 31. October 2013

A Good Deed Never Goes Unrewarded

It’s easy to get so caught up in our own challenges that we forget to look around and see others who are hurting. Extending a helping hand can make all the difference, and it blesses the giver and the recipient. [More]