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Posted on 4. December 2014

Managing IVIG Therapy for CIDP

Many patients with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP) are treated with intravenous immune globulin (IVIG). But, treatment plans can vary greatly and are influenced by a variety of factors. [More]
Posted on 21. November 2014

Let It Out

Let It Out - A poem - By Rachael Watson
Time is spent wondering, waiting, wishing, whilst emotions overflow...
No matter how hard I try, sometimes progress will be slow...
The most frightening moment of my life, happened a year ago today... [More]
Categories: People We Admire
Posted on 20. November 2014

Juggling Work and Chronic Illness

Patients often miss work because of illness, doctors’ visits or the need to receive their medication, placing them in the difficult position of having to choose between their health and their job. Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett shares what she’s learned [More]
Posted on 6. November 2014

IVIG 101

Many people begin IVIG therapy with little to no understanding of what it is and what it does. This blog, courtesy of NuFACTOR Pharmacy, provides a short tutorial on IVIG, its uses, infusion methods and side effects. [More]
Posted on 23. October 2014

Starting a Patient Support Group: A Rewarding Experience

IG Living patient advocate Abbie Cornett helped spearhead a new PANS/PANDAS patient support group. The meeting was attended by over 80 participants from four states! She shares how the event impacted her personally [More]
Posted on 9. October 2014

IVIG Side Effects: When to Seek Medical Attention

Understanding the most common, mild side effects of immune globulin (IG) therapy is important. This week’s blog explores some of the rare and more serious side effects patients should be aware of, and what to do about them. [More]
Posted on 25. September 2014

Third Place Essay Contest Winner - It's Not About Me

Third place essay contest winner Dawn Milberger pays tribute to her husband and caregiver in her winning essay, It’s Not About Me. [More]
Posted on 18. September 2014

2nd Place Essay Contest Winner - The Other Side of the Knife

Second place essay contest winner Andrea G. Witlin was a high-risk obstetrician covering labor and delivery before her diagnosis sidelined her career. Her winning essay describes her journey and her loss [More]