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Posted on 18. August 2011

Living Well with IVIG

Essay contest runner up Michelle Turk describes the lessons learned and the challenges of becoming seasoned warrior in the landscape of chronic autoimmune disease, and how you can, too. [More]
Posted on 11. August 2011

That is Not What I Meant

These days we communicate via Facebook, blogs, email and texting — just to name a few. Rarely, it seems, does anyone ever pick up a telephone to make a call. But is what we say always what we actually meant? [More]
Posted on 4. August 2011

Maybe It's Not the Patient Who Is Difficult

Preparing in advance for a doctor's visit is an important part of taking an active role in your healthcare. In medical school, many medical professionals are taught to use the SOAP (subjective, objective, assessment, plan) acronym to help them organize their thoughts when charting. Patients can also use this acronym to learn how to communicate in an effective manner, which can create more realistic expectations and result in higher satisfaction. [More]
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Posted on 28. July 2011

What Would You Do If It Were You, Doc?

Would most doctors take their own healthcare advice? A recent study says “not always.” Why the double standard and what can patients do to get a doctor’s honest opinion? [More]
Posted on 21. July 2011

Genetic Testing: What Is it?

Genetic testing has gone from futuristic science fiction to nearly mainstream medicine. Understanding the risks and benefits can help you decide if it’s right for you or your family. [More]
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Posted on 14. July 2011

Confronting Chronic Rudeness

Being ridiculed in public because your illness requires you to receive special care or treatment can be humiliating and infuriating. Here’s how one patient dealt with chronic rudeness. [More]
Posted on 7. July 2011

Dear Health Diary

Will patients with chronic illness use online services to track their health history? Some worry that logging information on third-party sites could be a waste of time or even a security concern. What do you think? [More]
Posted on 30. June 2011

Living a Normal Life

Living a normal life is what most people expect when they start a family. When children are born with a chronic illness like PIDD, often families find they have to create their own version of “normal.” [More]