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Posted on 20. February 2014

How Do You Do It?

Parenting healthy children has its ups and downs. Parenting a child with primary immunodeficiency disease isn't really that much different when you look at the whole picture. [More]
Posted on 13. February 2014

Learning to Love Valentine's Day

With all the hearts, flowers and candy, Valentine’s Day is nearly impossible to ignore. Who are you celebrating as your Valentine today? [More]
Posted on 6. February 2014

Drawing Inspiration from the Winter Games

The Winter Olympic games are sure to be awe inspiring and inspirational. Often, the same level of perseverance and dedication can be seen in patients from the PIDD community. [More]
Posted on 30. January 2014

Never Bet Against the Underdog

At one time or another, those in the immune globulin (IG) community might have felt like their life was the Super Bowl and they were the underdog. No one expected them to win. No one thought they could overcome adversity [More]
Posted on 23. January 2014

Letting Them Fly

Raising kids today is hard. They face so many obstacles in life: bullying, exposure to graphic violence, being pressured by peers to engage in risky behaviors, and the list goes on. But raising children with a primary immune deficiency disease (PIDD) is even harder. [More]
Posted on 16. January 2014

Starting a Support Group

The desire to be a part of support group is a common yearning. If you have not found one in your area that meets your needs, perhaps it’s time to start one! [More]
Posted on 9. January 2014

Constant Guilt

Living with chronic illness can produce a range of emotions, including fear, depression and even guilt. Learning to accept your “new normal” can be a lengthy process, as this blogger has learned. [More]
Posted on 2. January 2014

Our Friends, Our Village

In a time when stories of mean kids and cyber bullying seem to dominate the headlines, this blogger shares a heartwarming story of kindness and inclusion that will renew your hope in our next generation. [More]