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Posted on 19. March 2015

Popcorn Tuesdays

Blogger April McGowan used to dread infusion night, until she found a way to turn it into a family night, complete with snacks! [More]
Posted on 5. March 2015

Caregiving for the Caregiver

Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett was used to her role as a patient with her husband acting as caregiver. Then, recently, her husband became ill and their roles suddenly reversed [More]
Posted on 8. January 2015

Staying Positive with Chronic Illness

As both a patient advocate and a CVID patient, Abbie Cornett is often asked how she copes and stays positive. Abbie asserts that remaining positive isn’t something that just that happens; it is a decision she has to make every day [More]
Posted on 25. September 2014

Third Place Essay Contest Winner - It's Not About Me

Third place essay contest winner Dawn Milberger pays tribute to her husband and caregiver in her winning essay, It’s Not About Me. [More]
Posted on 18. September 2014

2nd Place Essay Contest Winner - The Other Side of the Knife

Second place essay contest winner Andrea G. Witlin was a high-risk obstetrician covering labor and delivery before her diagnosis sidelined her career. Her winning essay describes her journey and her loss [More]
Posted on 14. August 2014

Back to School with PI

It’s normal for parents to feel back-to-school jitters around this time of year. While our children may believe that summer is here to stay, we know better. School is just around the corner. And for many parents, that brings about a whole new set of questions and concerns: Is my son’s backpack big enough to hold his winter boots and his lunchbox? What’s so special about a No. 2 pencil, anyway? [More]
Posted on 31. July 2014

Seeing Yourself as Healthy

Has your illness changed the way you see yourself? This blogger encourages those with chronic illness to see themselves as more than a diagnosis. [More]
Posted on 10. July 2014

“It’s Not You, It’s Me”: Are All Friendships Worth Pursuing?

Chronic illness is isolating, and it can be a comfort to connect with others who share our diagnosis. Sadly, sharing a rare illness is not always the magic glue that makes a friendship stick. [More]