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Posted on 1. May 2014

Fighting the Fog

Chronic illnesses all have their own unique symptoms and challenges. This blogger discovers first hand that the dreaded “fibro fog” of fibromyalgia is nothing to scoff at. [More]
Posted on 25. April 2014

Real or Imagined

Some online groups allow patients to share their very personal struggles. This blogger sees a heartbreaking trend among fellow CVID patients, while counting her own blessings. [More]
Posted on 17. April 2014

Ignoring Health Signs; Pushing Through

Sometimes life events demand our attention, and it can become easy to ignore warning signs that our health is declining. This blogger learned a difficult lesson about taking unusual symptoms seriously. [More]
Posted on 10. April 2014

IVIG: Is There No Place Like Home?

Many patients believe having IVIG treatments in the home care setting is a preferred option over a clinic or hospital. But for this blogger, home infusions came with a unique set of issues. [More]
Posted on 3. April 2014

Where Did Everyone Go?

Many areas of your life change when you are diagnosed with chronic illness. For some, it can feel like going from being the life of the party to social outcast. Accepting your new normal may not be easy, but it is possible. [More]
Posted on 20. March 2014


Individuals with a chronic illness seek a diagnosis. Often times it can take years before any real answers are found. In the pursuit of diagnosis there is often judgment from friends and family. There is a word often used to describe to categorize "these people"; hypochondriac. Read as this blogger explains the hurt one word can cause. And the liberation that comes from getting a name for what really ails him. [More]
Posted on 6. March 2014


For someone with chronic illness, simply getting out of bed can feel like an achievement. This blogger learns that accepting his new normal may also require lowering expectations – at least for the time being. [More]
Posted on 27. February 2014

Don’t Let Disappointment Reign

Disappointment gives us the opportunity to genuinely appreciate the good moments in life. But, sometimes, the list of disappointing setbacks can feel like a tiresome burden, especially for those who receive immune globulin (IG) infusions. [More]