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Posted on 3. September 2020

Join Ig National Society’s Patient 360 Conference in October!

By Luba Sobolevsky

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Since the Immunoglobulin National Society's (IgNS) inception approximately 10 years ago, our organization has focused on improving the care of patients receiving immune globulin (Ig) therapy. IgNS has accomplished many things, including creating the first-ever Ig Standards of Practice to guide and standardize Ig clinical practice; establishing an Ig certification for nurses and pharmacists that ensures expertise and protects patients; providing thousands of hours of education to keep up with the changes in our complex field; and hosting a national Patient 360 Conference that convenes more than a thousand clinicians, industry members and advocacy groups who work together to improve practice and patient care.

IgNS has made great strides in improving clinical practice. Listening to patients' experiences with Ig and talking about the quality of care you receive and the education and support you need are the most important factors.

That is why, four years ago, we held the first IgNS Patient 360 Conference. This unique meeting brings together patients united by Ig therapy, but with different diagnoses and different doses, routes, perspectives and experiences.

At this annual conference, expert speakers discuss important topics such as disease management, infusion side effects, financial planning, psychological and social needs, nutrition and pain management. And, with the information attendees learn from these speakers, something extraordinary happens: We find new connections, expand our views and change our experiences.

An essential part of the IgNS Patient 360 Conference is listening to patients and ensuring your voices are heard. Our Patient 360 Survey allows us to listen to your feedback directly, honestly and completely confidentially. Topics such as diagnosis, health issues, medications, side effects and your perception of how well your clinical team works are important ways to understand your experiences. We ask for your feedback about insurance and co-pays and how they impact your ability to receive Ig. The information we collect is significant. It allows us to learn how best to serve you, and how to help improve your well-being and the clinical care you receive!

This year has challenged us all and has brought hardship, fear, isolation and loss. It has also allowed us to come together as a community like we never have before. From manufacturers who formed alliances to bring therapies to market, to clinicians sharing best practices across organizations, to all of us uniting to lend a helping hand — now more than ever, we all need each other.

Please join the IgNS Patient 360 Conference, which will be held Saturday, Oct. 23, through Sunday, Oct. 24, 2020, from the comfort and safety of your home. Let's reconnect at IgNS. Let's share our experiences, learn from the experts and have fun!

Registration is completely free for patients, family members and caregivers, and includes:

  • IgNS Patient 360 educational sessions and discussion panels
  • Satellite programs and events
  • Expo Hall featuring the top companies in our industry

Register online at www.IgNSConference.com/Patient360. You can contact us with any questions at (888) 855-4443 or IgNS2020@ig-ns.org.


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