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Posted on 15. December 2016

Today Is That Dreaded Day!

By E Joy Hiten-Kiser

Today Is That Dreaded Day!

Again that long day is here,
The day I wish would disappear,
The day that is always a huge intrusion,
The day I get that necessary infusion.

Why do other days fly by,
But this one is met with a sigh?
Is it because of the long hours
Over which I have no power?

I can watch TV,
And maybe even eat,
Or curl up in my chair and sleep.
But the hours still pass so slow
Because I cannot tolerate a faster flow.

One drop follows another,
It really seems like quite a bother.
But what often goes unsaid,
Without it I'd be dead.

So I will continue to do this infusion,
That is an obvious conclusion.
And instead of being a moaner,
I should be thanking the donor
That allowed me to have this special day!


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