2024 Editorial Calendar

Feb – Mar 2024
  • Prepping for Emergencies: What Chronic Disease Patients Can Do to Be Ready for Anything
  • No More Nodding and Smiling: How to Be a Proactive Patient
  • PI Genetic Testing
  • Reducing Diagnosis Delays in PI
  • Tips to Reduce Sodium Without Sacrificing Flavor
  • Clinical Brief — Vasculitis
  • Parenting — Diagnosed but Not Defeated: Raising Resilient Kids
  • Product Guide — Emergency Preparedness

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Apr – May 2024
  • Staying Socially Active with PI (Especially While Aging)
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Traveling with IG Therapy
  • Medical Hypnosis: Evidence-Based Therapy for Chronic Pain and More
  • Treating Idiopathic Neuropathies with IVIG
  • Hand Therapy for Multifocal Motor Neuropathy
  • Clinical Brief — Is Pain Its Own Disease?
  • Parenting — Transitioning to the Teen Years: How Relationships Change
  • Product Guide — Alternative Pain Relief

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Jun – Jul 2024
  • Is Advocacy Right for Me? Letting Your Voice Be Heard
  • Clinical Trials 101: The Basics of Clinical Research
  • Why Patient Registries Are Key to Accelerating Rare Disease Research
  • Inflammation and Stress-Related Disease
  • What to Do When Insurance Won't Cover Your Prescriptions
  • Clinical Brief — Understanding Clinical Trials and the FDA Drug Approval Process
  • Parenting — Chores and the Chronically Ill Child
  • Product Guide — Free Healthcare Resources

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Aug – Sep 2024
  • Alone? How to Navigate Your Health Without a Support System
  • Coping with a Chronic Illness While Away at College
  • Plasma Donation FAQs: What You Need to Know About Donation Requirements
  • Immunodeficiency and Psychiatric Disorders
  • "Moving" Toward Better Health
  • Clinical Brief — Stiff Person Syndrome
  • Parenting — Establishing a Cooperative Relationship with the School Nurse
  • Product Guide — Practical Ways to Support Chronically Ill Family, Friends and Neighbors

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Oct – Nov 2024
  • Why Selfcare Is Anything but Selfish
  • Reinventing Spoon Theory: Tips for Cultivating a Balanced Life
  • Advanced Certification: Level Up Your Infusion with a Certified IG Nurse
  • X-Linked Carriers: What Women Need to Know
  • Foods for Better Sleep
  • Clinical Brief — Using Dehydrated Alcohol for PICC Line Flushes
  • Parenting — When Friendship Isn't Easy
  • Product Guide — At-Home Spa Experience

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Dec – Jan 2025
  • Medical Gaslighting and What to Do About It
  • Too Bizarre to Be True: Social Media's Viral (and Hazardous) Health Trends
  • GPT: Using AI to Optimize Your Healthcare
  • Peripheral Neuropathies and Foot Care
  • Medicare Vocabuary: Essential Words to Know
  • Clinical Brief — Understanding Functional Medicine vs. Conventional Medicine
  • Parenting — Wearables for Kids: Helpful or Harmful?
  • Product Guide — Combatting the Common Cold

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