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Feb - Mar 2021

No Place Like Home: The Growing Acceptance of Subcutaneous Immune Globulin

Prior to the approval of the first licensed intravenous immune globulin (IVIG) product in 1981, IgG replacement therapy for patients with primary humoral immunodeficiency disorders (PI) was a painful and wholly inadequate ordeal. Patients had to bear frequent small intramuscular injections of 16.5% immune serum globulin (IMIG), a product whose IgG clumps and fragments caused severe anaphylactic reactions if given by the intravenous route. Poor tolerability to these repeated injections typically limited IMIG dosage, which translated into subprotective steady-state serum IgG levels and often serious recurrent bacterial infections.… 
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Plasma Donation and IG Supply: An Interview with IDF President and CEO John Boyle

Each year seems to usher in varying degrees of uncertainty regarding availability of immune globulin (IG). With many people's lives dependent on IG, any shortage — or mere rumors of a shortage — can cause anxiety for patients and healthcare professionals. John Boyle, president and CEO of the Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF), explains whether an anticipated scarcity of this precious drug is possible and, if so, why.…  full article (pdf)

Taking Advantage of Telehealth Services

The advancement of telemedicine may be one of the pandemic's few silver linings for the healthcare community. Telehealth is similar to telemedicine, but it is more comprehensive since it also includes nonclinical services. In its simplest definition, telehealth is the use of electronic devices and telecommunication technologies to extend care and/or interact with healthcare providers when patient and provider are in different locations. Services might include remote patient monitoring (e.g., a wearable device that tracks heart rate and blood pressure), secure messaging (e.g., email) or live phone or video chats. This article will focus solely on the latter: visits performed via live video.…  full article (pdf)

Effects of Social Isolation on Overall Health

Physical and social distancing has played a critical role in reducing the spread of COVID-19 as public health officials and government leaders attempt to minimize infections and save lives. However, as months of this pandemic stretch on, mandated physical distancing has led to social isolation that, for many, is a situation wrought with its own inherent health risks.… full article (pdf)

How to Stop Mindless Eating When Working from Home

Over the past year, many of us have faced new challenges, difficulties and changes to our everyday routines. More are adjusting to working from home, which can make extra trips to the kitchen, eating in front of the computer and mindless eating habits a regular practice. If you find you are eating more meals in front of the screen, rushing your meals or are simply not paying attention to your eating habits, adopting more mindful eating practices can be beneficial. While making changes to a routine is never an easy task, adopting one, some or all of these mindful eating tactics can help keep mindless eating out of your new daily life.… full article (pdf)