Resources – Education & Studies

Medical Research Studies

  • Sub-Q Gamunex for PIDD Patients
  • IGIV Drug for PIDD Patients
    These sites list IG studies currently recruiting participants at UCLA
  • National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Studies
    This site provides summaries and criteria for studies as well as the ability to search for studies being conducted for a specific disease or disorder
  • Center Watch
    This website provides a wealth of information about clinical trials and volunteer participation with the ability to specify the disorder interested in, the location of the study, and the medication names or research protocols
    This site has a registration form to request that you be notified about recruitment for future studies
  • WebMD
    This site has a service that matches volunteers with trials. By completing an online questionnaire, patients will be notified via email of upcoming studies that match the criteria of their questionnaire. Specific studies can also be searched for