The Benefits of Advertising in IG Living Magazine

Your marketing muscle in the magazine chronically ill patients and their providers trust most

IG Living is considered an authority that chronically ill patients and their providers turn to first for reliable information and timely news - Information they can’t get anywhere else.

Gain access to…

  • Audience: 30,000 engaged patients and providers who rely on the products and services that treat the chronically ill.
  • One-of-a-kind: Geared specifically to the needs of chronically ill patients and their providers with unqiue content that cannot be found in a single source in any other publication.
  • Influence: Our readers know that the information in IG Living can be relied upon and trusted.
  • No other publication connects you with more chronically ill patients in more ways, more often, than IG Living.

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“For patients and caregivers, each issue of IG Living is filled with information to help make IG therapy safer, more manageable and more accessible in our challenging insurance environment.
If your goal is to make the best and most of your IG therapy experience, you’ll find no other resource as helpful or supportive as IG Living.” - Keith Berman, MPH, MBA - Founder Health Research Associates

“IG Living offers the patient community a resource that was previously unavailable.
All patients receiving immune globulin now have a source for information and support.
After spending over 20 years in this industry, I still learn a thing or two in every issue.” - Tom Schleis, MS, RPh - Director, Medical Affairs - Octapharma USA