Special Advertising Opportunities

Companies have a variety of advertising options to choose from, including run-of-book or special placement advertisements on a one-time or more frequent basis (for discounted rates). Other advertising opportunities include inserts, belly bands, poly bags, custom posters and reprints. Whatever your needs, IG Living can accommodate them!

Multiple opportunities maximize your marketing impact:

Product Directory

In each issue, display advertisers have an opportunity to promote their products for free in a minidirectory that includes a 100-word description and photo.

Belly Bands

Ideal for a product, service or special announcement. The band wraps around the entire magazine and must be removed before reading.


Boost your brand with an exclusive message to IG Living readers. Pre-printed materials can be stitched (perfect-bound) in the magazine or tipped (glued) into the magazine. An insert offers the flexibility of a uniquely configured, customized promotional piece that can either stay with the magazine or be removed by the reader for separate use.

Electronic and Paper Reprints

Integrate reprints of your IG Living ads and/or editorial content in your promotional campaigns, and drive your audience to learn about the only publication targeting the IG community.

Custom Posters

We can economically print your advertising content in the poster size of your choice that can be displayed or mounted and UV-coated.