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June - July 2017

Where Did Everyone Go? Coping with the Loss of Friendships Post-Diagnosis

The loss of a friendship is rarely a clean break. Unlike the end of a romance, there are no screaming matches, slammed doors or even break-up texts. Often, there is more of a drifting away, a slow disconnect that can be more painful than a harsh goodbye. And, for a patient with chronic illness, this type of relationship... full article

How Mindfulness Can Ease the Symptoms of Chronic Illness

Singer/songwriter Julianna Raye discovered mindfulness after her 1990s record deal with Warner Bros. Records ended and she experienced depression. Her therapist encouraged her to try meditation. She says she was just desperate enough to give it a shot. She went into it with no expectations,... full article

The Impact of Stress on Chronic Illness

A chronic illness diagnosis begins not only with the physical and pharmacologic journey of stabilization, but also with the mental journey of coming to terms with it. Questions such as “Why me?” “What could I have done?” and “How will I and my family manage this financially and emotionally?” are coupled with the stressors of anger, denial and, often, depression.... full article

Immunodeficiency in Newborn Infants

The newborn emerges from the womb into an environment swarming with microbes, which quickly colonize the infant’s upper airway, skin and gastrointestinal tract. Most newborns survive this invasion because of anatomic barriers, innate immunity and maternal transplacental antibodies. In addition, most U.S. newborns are cared for in clean environments, away from unwell persons and fed breast milk or sterile nutrition.... full article

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits

This helpful guide explains how to qualify for disability entitlements due to chronic illness. Thousands of Americans live with immune and autoimmune disorders every day. While it is entirely possible to live a normal life with such a disorder, some find their severe symptoms prevent them from working or providing for themselves....
full article

Diets for Inflammation Reduction and Chronic Illness Treatment

There is considerable debate about low-fat, plant-based diets versus low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets. And, while these nutritional therapies cater to different individual needs, both diets may offer benefits for reducing inflammation. For average Americans striving to improve their overall health, studying various nutritional regimens can at times feel like studying dogmas.... full article