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Posted on 25. August 2016

PI and Sun Exposure: My Lesson

Joanna Tierno, a patient with a primary immune deficiency and porokeratosis, shares her lessons about sun exposure and caring for your skin. [More]
Posted on 18. August 2016

Know Your Medicare Rights

Cate Kortzeborn explains why knowing you rights with Medicare is important, especially your rights to an appeal. [More]
Posted on 28. July 2016

5 Tips for Being Safe in the Summer

While summer is the time most people want to get outside and have fun in the sun, it is important to remember to be safe as the temperature rises. [More]
Posted on 30. June 2016

5 Tips for Chronically Ill Patients on How to Act During a Doctor Appointment

Ilana Jacqueline gives advice to patients with chronic illness on how to make the most of their doctor appointments. [More]
Posted on 16. June 2016

Tips for Surviving Summer with Chronic Illness/Chronically Ill Children

Seven tips for how to survive summer vacation with chronically ill children. [More]
Posted on 26. May 2016

7 Tips for Using Social Media

7 Tips for Using Social Media gives patients with chronic illness advice on how to manage their social media while protecting their privacy. [More]
Posted on 19. May 2016

A Mother’s Fear

How a mother copes with the possibility her child has inherited her immune deficiency [More]
Posted on 28. April 2016

Rules for Living with Multiple Diagnoses

Joanna Tierno’s 10 rules on life for patients living with multiple diagnoses. [More]