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Posted on 27. August 2015

Relocating: Steps to Success

Moving tips to make relocating easier for people with chronic illness. [More]
Posted on 9. July 2015

A Look Back at the IDF National Conference

Immune Deficiency Foundation’s (IDF) National Conference helps patients and their families through education and research, while providing them with a wonderful social setting to interact with one another, physicians and sponsors [More]
Posted on 24. June 2015

The Road to New Orleans

The Immune Deficiency Foundation is hosting its annual national patient conference in New Orleans June 25-27. The conference will feature educational and social opportunities for patients and their families to further their knowledge about primary immune diseases. [More]
Posted on 21. May 2015

PI Parents: We’re No Different

Parents aren’t normal people when it comes to taking care of their children; all common sense flies out of the window, especially with children who are diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency (PI) [More]
Posted on 19. March 2015

Popcorn Tuesdays

Blogger April McGowan used to dread infusion night, until she found a way to turn it into a family night, complete with snacks! [More]
Posted on 5. March 2015

Caregiving for the Caregiver

Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett was used to her role as a patient with her husband acting as caregiver. Then, recently, her husband became ill and their roles suddenly reversed [More]
Posted on 19. February 2015

What to Expect During a Complete Neurological Exam and Workup

Symptoms of neuropathy depend on both the type of nerves affected and the mechanism that causes damage to the nerves. Here is a handy checklist to discuss with your neurologist during an exam and workup [More]
Posted on 5. February 2015

Is an Infusion Port Right for You?

Getting an infusion port can make IG treatment easier, but the decision comes with risks. IG Living Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett shares her story [More]