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Posted on 1. October 2015

PANDAS/PANS Awareness Week

IG Living and I Give for Kids are supporting the national PANDAS/PANS Network Awareness Day on October 9. PANDAS/PANS is a devastating childhood disease with profound symptoms that can be devastating for families [More]
Posted on 27. August 2015

Relocating: Steps to Success

Moving tips to make relocating easier for people with chronic illness. [More]
Posted on 9. July 2015

A Look Back at the IDF National Conference

Immune Deficiency Foundation’s (IDF) National Conference helps patients and their families through education and research, while providing them with a wonderful social setting to interact with one another, physicians and sponsors [More]
Posted on 24. June 2015

The Road to New Orleans

The Immune Deficiency Foundation is hosting its annual national patient conference in New Orleans June 25-27. The conference will feature educational and social opportunities for patients and their families to further their knowledge about primary immune diseases. [More]
Posted on 21. May 2015

PI Parents: We’re No Different

Parents aren’t normal people when it comes to taking care of their children; all common sense flies out of the window, especially with children who are diagnosed with a primary immune deficiency (PI) [More]
Posted on 19. March 2015

Popcorn Tuesdays

Blogger April McGowan used to dread infusion night, until she found a way to turn it into a family night, complete with snacks! [More]
Posted on 5. March 2015

Caregiving for the Caregiver

Patient Advocate Abbie Cornett was used to her role as a patient with her husband acting as caregiver. Then, recently, her husband became ill and their roles suddenly reversed [More]
Posted on 19. February 2015

What to Expect During a Complete Neurological Exam and Workup

Symptoms of neuropathy depend on both the type of nerves affected and the mechanism that causes damage to the nerves. Here is a handy checklist to discuss with your neurologist during an exam and workup [More]