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Posted on 8. March 2012

Will Justice (and the Justices) Prevail?

Americans spend more on healthcare coverage than those in any other country on just about every medical procedure and doctor visit Although controversial, the Affordable Care Act gave new health insurance rights to many. Will those rights remain? [More]
Posted on 1. March 2012

Learning to Be Assertive Despite the Fatigue of Illness

Are you as assertive as you’d like to be? Sometimes speaking up for yourself can put others off, but being taken seriously and setting boundaries is essential when you are chronically ill. [More]
Posted on 23. February 2012

My Mom's Kryptonite

Have you ever felt deeply discouraged by the symptoms of your illness? Feelings of depression may not be clinical in nature, but are still very real. Finding the right coping skills can help you regain your optimism. [More]
Posted on 16. February 2012

Chronic Illness Before the Diagnosis: You're Not Crazy. Trust Yourself.

While waiting for an accurate diagnosis for a rare illness, doctors and even friends and family may dismiss your symptoms or tell you it’s “all in your head.” That’s when it’s time to trust your gut. [More]
Posted on 9. February 2012

Inside Out Socks

When living with chronic illness, life is too filled to the brim with “big stuff” to sweat the “small stuff.” Yet all of us have a tendency to get all worked up when little things annoy us. How can we gain perspective? [More]
Posted on 2. February 2012

Celebrating New Opportunities

By Kris McFalls
It has been nearly seven years since I began my position with IG Living’s founder an [More]
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Posted on 30. January 2012

Putting a Face on Rare Diseases

By Trudie Mitschang
At IG Living magazine, we connect daily with patients all over the world who liv [More]
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Posted on 26. January 2012

Disagreeing Without Being Disagreeable

When a patient does not follow a doctor’s treatment plan or discontinues medication sooner than advised, doctors dub them “noncompliant.” Can you disagree with your doctor without being disagreeable? [More]