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Posted on 21. April 2011

An Ode to Chronic Illness

By Kerri Sweeris

O illness of mine which has torn me asunder,I hate you as much as the weather I’m [More]
Posted on 14. April 2011

Disease Envy

By Kelly Clardy

There are an estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. with lupus. Thousands of walk [More]
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Posted on 7. April 2011

First Annual IG Living Essay Contest

Attention IG Living readers: This is your chance to get published in your favorite magazine by enter [More]
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Posted on 1. April 2011

Wasteful Healthcare Regulations

By Kris McFalls

Wasteful spending is probably one of the biggest undisputed causes of increased hea [More]
Posted on 25. March 2011

Knock Knock

By Carla Schick

When was the last time you laughed? Not just “ha ha,” but a real “it’s-so-funny-I’m [More]
Posted on 18. March 2011

IG Living Fan Spotlight - Kelly Clardy

By Trudie Mitschang

There are many websites and blogs for those with chronic illness. While trollin [More]
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Posted on 3. March 2011

Name That Disease

By Kris McFalls
“Back in the day" women personalized their menstrual cycles as a way to warn friends [More]
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Posted on 25. February 2011

Because I Am His Mother

By Tammie Allegro

When I first came to work at FFF Enterprises, the company that publishes IG Livin [More]