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Every quarter, IG Living will hold a podcast on a topic that affects those with autoimmune and immunodeficiency disorders. Industry experts will share the latest immune globulin (IG) news and information and answer questions from our community.

Podcasts will cover topics such as the increased demand for IG products, Medicare, IG side effects, and reimbursement. more info

Listen to the episode From Plasma to Healing: The Intricate Journey of Producing Immune Globulin Medications.

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Let's Talk! Whitney Ward

As a regular contributor to IG Living, Whitney Ward may seem like a familiar face. But, what you might not know is how she went from being a rare disease patient, barely getting by on public assistance and part-time salaries, to fulfilling her goal of becoming a published author. Her journey primarily revolved around clarifying income caps for those on disability within her home state of Ohio. Her hope is that her lessons learned can inspire others to push back against external limitations to pursue their dreams… full article (pdf)

Product Guide: Staying Warm in Winter

Product Guide

Staying Warm in Winter

Are you one of those people who is always cold? I am too. It's miserable, isn't it? I moved to the Midwest from the far more temperate coast of California a few years ago. Back home, winter consisted of cool, foggy mornings that faded into blustery gray evenings. Sometimes it rained, but mostly it didn't. I thought I was cold then, but the sub-freezing temperatures I experience now taught me differently. For a girl who was already "always cold," my first winter here was a shock… full article (pdf)

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Reader: What Is the Connection Between PI and MGUS/MCAS?

Abbie: According to Roger Kobayashi, MD, an allergy and immunology specialist in Omaha, Neb., there appears to be a relationship between PI and MGUS. Patients with MGUS may have immunodeficiency and recurrent infections, so these diseases may represent a spectrum or continuum of immune dysregulation. Additionally, Dr. Kobayashi said that for 30 years, researchers have routinely looked for abnormal serum proteins (serum protein electrophoresis) in PI patients and found… full article (pdf)

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